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Creating a Good Introduction and Conclusion for a Bible Lesson

Creating a Good Introduction and Conclusion for a Bible Lesson

As with anything in life, a good Bible lesson should start and finish well. You need to grab your audience’s attention right away and create interest and excitement for what’s coming. Then, you need to leave your class with a good summary of the lesson that they can go out into the world and apply. So, what makes a good introduction and conclusion to a Bible lesson?

In a lecture titled "Structure the Lesson: Introduction and Conclusion," Cedarville University professor Dr. Jeremy Kimble teaches his students — future Bible teachers — how to start and end their Bible lessons strongly.


Cedarville University is training Bible teachers with a Bachelor of Arts in biblical studies, with more than 10 concentrations to choose from, including teaching ministry, women's ministry, and youth and family ministry.

Cedarville also offers an  Accelerated B.A.+M.Div. option, which allows you to complete your B.A. in biblical studies and Master of Divinity in just five years. Standalone 79-hour M.Div. and 61-hour Advanced M.Div. programs are also available.

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