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Demand for Data Analysts, Business Analytics Drive Job Growth

Demand for Data Analysts, Business Analytics Drive Job Growth

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According to a recent article from Fortune Education, Who should pursue a master’s degree in business analytics?, employees who can analyze raw data sets and make conclusions in sales, customer, or employer data have become crucial to an organization’s success. According to the article, there is no end to the potential benefits of data analysis.

Data analysts and scientists are roles with the most increasing demands across all industry, according to “The Future of Jobs” report from 2020 published by the World Economic Forum, an international non-governmental and lobbying organization. And business analysis is likely to be among the top skills required in data jobs of the future, according to the same report. A master’s degree in business analytics will set you apart in this in-demand field.

Cedarville University offers an online M.B.A. with a business analytics concentration that is preparing its graduates to use statistics and data to help organization operate more efficiently and effectively. Cedarville also offers a Master of Arts in innovation with a business analytics and visualization concentration that equips students to use data to enact creative solutions to organizational problems.

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