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How to Delay Delivery of an Email in Outlook

How to Delay Delivery of an Email in Outlook

In Microsoft Outlook, you can compose an email and set it to be sent at a specific time using the delay delivery feature.

  1. Open a new email message.
  2. Compose the email as you normally would, including a recipient, subject line, and email message.
  3. In the "Options" tab in the "More Options" group, click "Delay Delivery." 
  4. In the "Delivery options" section of the Properties window, make sure "Do not deliver before" is checked.
  5. Enter the time you want the email to send.
  6. Click [Close].
  7. Click [Send].


A delayed email will only send while Outlook is still open. You must set the sending time for a time when you still have Outlook running. If you try to close Outlook before a delayed message has sent, Outlook will remind you that you have unsent emails in your Outbox.

To ensure that your message was received, you can also Request a Read Receipt.

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