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How to Save and Send Documents from Office Programs in Outlook

How to Save and Send Documents from Office Programs in Outlook

If Microsoft Outlook is set up as the email client on your computer (the default program to handle mailto links), you can use the "Save & Send" feature in other Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. The "Save & Send" option allows you to send a file as an email attachment directly from the Microsoft Office program that you create the document in.


You can only use the “Save & Send” feature if you have an email client, such as Microsoft Outlook, set up on your computer.

Saving and Sending a Document from a Microsoft Office Program

  1. Open the document, spreadsheet, or presentation you wish to send.
  2. In the "File" tab, click "Save & Send" from the menu options on the left side of the window.
  3. Under "Save & Send," select "Send Using E-mail" if it is not already selected. It should be the default choice.
  4. From the choices on the right, click either "Send as Attachment" or "Send as Adobe PDF" as you prefer.
    • "Send as Attachment" will send the file in the original file format (i.e. docx, xlsx, or pptx).
    • "Send as Adobe PDF" will convert the file to a PDF document before sending. If you select "Send as Adobe PDF," your file will still save in the original file format on your computer.
  5. A new Outlook email message box will open with the document already attached. Enter a recipient in the "To..." line and a subject and message as desired.
  6. Click [Send].

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