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How to Send an Email From a Delegated Account in Outlook

How to Send an Email From a Delegated Account in Outlook

If you have been delegated access to someone else’s email account, you can send an email as that person from Microsoft Outlook. You can only send emails as people who have delegated their email account to you through Google Apps.

When you email a message as someone else in Outlook, no reference to you or your account will appear in the email. However, the email message you send will appear in your personal Sent Items folder and will not appear in the Sent Items folder of the person from whose account you sent the email. Information Technology recommends that you always blind copy the owner of the email account so that they can have a copy of email messages sent in their name.

Send an email from a delegated account

  1. Open a new email message.
  2. Click the Options tab.
  3. In the “Show Fields” group, select “From.” The “From” field will appear above the “To” and “Cc” fields at the top of your email message.
  4. Click the [From] button and select “Other Email Address.”
  5. Enter the full email address in the blank or search for the email address by clicking [From…]. You will only be able to send emails from an email account that you have been given delegate access to.
  6. Click [OK].
  7. Enter the rest of your email information and click [Send].

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