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Think Before You Click: Reflecting and Preserving the Image of God

Think Before You Click: Reflecting and Preserving the Image of God

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Welcome to April! I love that in the month of April we get to experience how our Creator redeems the darkness of winter as He brings us the warmth and growth of spring. We have a God who seeks to renew and redeem the experiences of our lives, and He has called us to participate in His work of redemption as we bear His image to others. 

As we look for ways to participate in the work of redeeming the darkness, Cedarville University will be observing Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Our theme for this year is “Think Before You Click: Building Online Communities of Image-Bearers.”  

We have chosen this theme because as technology has become such a significant part of our everyday lives, a student’s risk to be exploited or experience harassment has increased. It is up to each of us at Cedarville to speak up to prevent sexual harassment and exploitation in the virtual community that we are currently living in.  

During this month we hope to provide practical tips on how to protect yourself from sexual scams and exploitation, how to protect others by understanding consent in the online world and through bystander intervention, and how to stay safe using dating apps. 

What does online sexual harassment and violence look like online? 

  • Sending someone demeaning or hateful comments based on sex or gender
  • Using the internet to threaten, harass, or embarrass an individual or group
  • Sending unwanted requests to partners or strangers to send nude photos or videos, or to stream sexual acts
  • Sharing private images or videos without the consent of those involved — this is called revenge porn, and is illegal

How can I reflect God’s image in my online spaces in a way that will protect myself and others?  

Before you "click," ask yourself: 

  • Do I treat every tweet and post and pic with the same care and consideration as my face-to-face words?
  • Does what I am viewing/posting/texting/Snapping reflect God’s image?
  • Could this violate the sexual dignity of another person?
  • Could this allow someone to exploit my sexual dignity?

As Cedarville University participates in Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we want to encourage you to use your social media presence to influence and engage our communities with truth and hope. Respect the decisions of others: It’s never okay to coerce or pressure someone to send photos or record sexual acts. 

To any who have experienced sexual exploitation or violence, may this be the April in which our Creator brings renewal to your spirit and redemption to your experience.  

by Shannon Berkheiser
Title IX Coordinator
Cedarville University

Cedarville University's Title IX office seeks to create a safe place for all students on campus.

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