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Dr. Glen Duerr

Professor Models What He Teaches in Run for Public Office

by Benjamin Deeter, Student Public Relations Writer

Glen Duerr signProfessors in Cedarville University’s history and government department encourage students to take bold stands for biblical principles by entering the public arena. One professor, in particular, is not just encouraging this idea — he’s modeling it.

Dr. Glen Duerr, associate professor of international studies, is running for a city council seat for Beavercreek, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton, Ohio, about 30 minutes from Cedarville. This year’s election takes place November 5.

“There’s a lot in Scripture about serving and loving one’s neighbors,” said Duerr. “If I’m a believer in Christ, and I want this city to move forward, adopting things that are good, avoiding things that are bad. If those bad things come into the city, I only have myself to blame if I haven’t done anything about it.”

Running for office is new territory for Duerr, who has lived in Beavercreek since 2012, but the politics behind the campaign are something he’s studied and taught for years.

— Glen Duerr

Prior to running for city council, Duerr served on the city’s charter review committee and currently serves as the vice chair of the Beavercreek Board of Zoning Appeals. “Since moving to Beavercreek, I have been very active on committees, so, even if I do not win, I am trying to model service in the public arena,” Duerr said.

“We are called to be salt and light in the world,” said Dr. Mark Caleb Smith, chair of the history and government department at Cedarville University. “For some of us, that might mean running for a position. For others it might mean voting or volunteering. Either way, the public square is a pressure cooker. Dr. Duerr knows and understands these things. We are proud of him no matter the outcome.”

In 2012, Duerr began teaching comparative politics, European history and politics, global issues and research classes at Cedarville University. Duerr is also the adviser of Cedarville University’s Model United Nations team.

Dr. Duerr is the editor of “Secessionism and Terrorism” (Routledge, 2018) and author of “Secessionism and the European Union” (Lexington Books, 2015). His forthcoming book, “Patriotism and the Cross,” will be published by Resource Publications in 2020.

He is a frequent expert source for local media, explaining complex international issues such as Brexit.

Outside of lecturing on secessionism or conducting research on international politics, Duerr likes jogging through the neighborhood thinking of ways the city could improve the lives of its citizens.

“I actually believe in being an academic on the ground, not an ivory tower academic,” Duerr said. “Talking with people, looking at things, running through areas to see how businesses could be good for Beavercreek and how citizens can be safe.”

There are four candidates running for three open seats on the city council.

“Even if the results don’t go my way, at least I’ll have a great lecture on how to lose an election and what not to do,” Duerr said. “There are lessons students can glean from my experience, which is always a silver lining to professors.”

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