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Accommodations and Services

The Process at a Glance:

You must complete the following steps to request accommodations. Each step is described in greater detail below.

  1. Complete the electronic application to register with Disability Services. 
  2. Upload your documentation to your electronic application (see links below for specific documentation requirements).
  3. Attend your intake interview. Watch for your letter of accommodation.
  4. Provide your letter of accommodation to professors.

Step 1: Register With Disability Services

Accommodations are for the purpose of providing students with disabilities equal opportunity to participate in the programs offered at Cedarville University. When you are considering specific accommodations to request, a centralized connection should exist between the impact of your disability and your specific request for an accommodation.

Begin the process by completing the Disability Services electronic application and providing professional documentation that thoroughly evaluates your disability, including the impact on your learning process. Self-identifying a disability during the admissions process to Cedarville University either verbally or on your admissions application does not constitute notifying Disability Services of a diagnosed disability. Applications to Disability Services may be submitted at any time, as long as you are an accepted, incoming student or a current Cedarville student. There is normally a two- to three-week timeframe required for complete review of your application and documentation. Requests for accommodations are evaluated individually on a case-by-case basis. Accommodations may not interfere with fundamental course objectives or the integrity of any course.

Cedarville University does not provide personal services or equipment, including assistance with transportation throughout campus, personal care attendants, personal assistants, wheelchairs, or scooters. Employing a personal care attendant is the responsibility of the student. Questions about personal care attendants may be directed to the Office of Student Development.

Step 2: Documentation – Submit the report from your professional evaluation.

You are encouraged to plan early for scheduling the necessary appointments in order to obtain required documentation. Professional documentation of a disability is necessary to provide a thorough assessment of the limitations resulting from a diagnosed disability. The report can be uploaded to the electronic application or submitted directly to the Disability Services office through fax or in person. Keep in mind that IEPs and 504 plans from high school do not carry over to college, but if you previously had an IEP or 504 plan, a copy of these documents can be helpful additions to your professional documentation if you choose to submit them. 

Documentation Requirements:

Apply for Disability Services »

Step 3: Attend your intake interview.

The Disability Services staff will contact you to set up a pre-service interview after reviewing your application for services and your documentation. During the interview, we will discuss the history of your identified (diagnosed) disability, past accommodations, and how the disability affects your learning process and/or other areas of accessibility. You should be able to describe the relationship between the impact of your disability and your accommodation request.

Step 4: Provide your letter of accommodation to professors.

If you are approved for accommodations, an account will be created for you in Accommodate (software for Disability Services). Your account will have your record of approved accommodations and will contain copies of your letters of accommodation for each semester. Your letter of accommodation is the official document that you will provide to your professors to identify your approved accommodations. You should plan to discuss any accommodations with your professors that directly involve them. Your accommodations go into effect after the registration process has been completed and you have provided your letter of accommodation to appropriate faculty; accommodations are not retroactive.