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Housing Accommodations

Housing: Procedures For Requesting Reasonable Accommodation

Excluding requests for service animals under ADA

Housing accommodation requests should be submitted to the Disabilities Compliance Coordinator, who works with the Residence Life office to review and provide the necessary housing accommodations. As with all disability accommodation requests, housing requests are considered on a case-by-case basis according to barriers encountered and individual need. A disability diagnosis does not, in and of itself, qualify a student for a housing accommodation.

In order to give adequate consideration to requests for housing accommodations, Cedarville University recommends that housing accommodation requests be submitted to Disability Services BEFORE the housing selection process opens to the general student population in mid-April. If the request for housing accommodation is submitted after the residence hall selection process is underway, Cedarville University cannot guarantee that the individual’s accommodation needs will be met.

Should the need for a housing accommodation arise when the student is already residing in a residence hall, the student should contact Disability Services for discussion, with the understanding that CU cannot guarantee that the accommodation needs will be met during the academic year in which the request is received.

Housing accommodation requests may be submitted by completing the electronic application and attaching the appropriate third-party documentation.

When reviewing disability-related housing requests, consideration is given to the following questions:

  • Is there is an established history of the identified need?
  • Is documentation from a reliable third party and complete according to guidelines?
  • Is space available in the residence hall to meet the request?
  • Is there is a direct nexus between the request and the identified need?
  • Was the request made by the recommended deadline?
  • Is the expressed need a crucial part of the student’s treatment plan as established by a medical professional?
  • Will other students will be impacted adversely?
  • Is there is an effective alternative that would achieve a similar outcome to the requested accommodation?