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Make your event a reality by completing the Event Checklist today!

Event Checklist

  1. Identify the desired guests and desired event/program outcomes
  2. Identify the event details: date, times, location etc.
  3. Get the event/program approved by your Organizational Advisor
  4. Secure the date
    Complete the Calendar Request Form and allow two months prior notice before the date of your event.
  5. Reserve the space
    Complete a Space Request Form after receiving confirmation that your date is secured and allow two months prior notice before the date of your event.
  6. Determine the event needs and identify and contact service providers
  7. Plan the event or program
  8. Confirm the space, service providers
    Allow one week prior notice before the date of your event.
  9. Execute your Event
  10. Wrap up your event by assessing and cleaning
  11. Thank you!
MISO Gala decorations in the Biblical Studies building lobby

Cedarville University fleet vans parked bumper to bumper

Reserve a University Fleet Vehicle

You can reserve University Fleet Vehicle for University approved activities!

All drivers must be approved by the Campus Security Office. The University also has an agreement with National Car Rental & Enterprise Car Rental for faculty and staff use.

Please allow at least one week prior notice.

Reserve a Vehicle

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Now is the time to get involved!

Cedarville Student Involvement (CSI) is the online program students use to get involved on campus. Through CSI, students can browse upcoming events, view their past attendance, and explore Student Organizations (Orgs).

Browse, join or start an student-led organization, check out Getting Started weekend or visit the services page

Student Organizations Quick Info

Student Organizations are a great way for like-minded students to meet and discuss and celebrate what is important to them. Student events and programs are a vital part of the co-curricular experience here at Cedarville University. Whether it is hanging out with friends in a study group, meeting with your Discipleship Group, enjoying time with your organization or attending a student-led event, the Office of Campus Experience can provide the services for you to create these opportunities.

Quick Org information

  • You can create a new student organization by filling out the Org Creation Request form
  • Org officers are required to attend CU Lead due to the Student Life Programs' mission to “develop lifelong leaders.”
Browse Student Orgs Browse Upcoming Org Events
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