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The Cedarville athletics brand is related to — but distinct from — the University's brand. While the mission of the athletic department must always support the mission of the institution as a whole, the positioning and personality of the brand differ.

The Cedarville athletic department is vibrant and growing, aggressively pursuing excellence in character as well as excellence in competition. The athletic programs at Cedarville embody and amplify school spirit and build community.

Like the small-but-mighty insects for which they are named, the Cedarville Yellow Jackets pack quite a punch. They are aggressive and indomitable and should never be underestimated.

The CU Mascot is

  • competitive
  • confident
  • spirited
  • dominant
  • aggressive

The CU mascot is not

  • combative
  • arrogant
  • mean-spirited
  • destructive
  • hostile

Brand Elements

The athletic brand consists of the Yellow Jacket mascot, type lockup, and all related graphic elements (athletic "C", honeycomb pattern, etc.). In addition to these graphics, there is also an additional color (light blue) that only the athletic department is encouraged to use. All uses of the athletic brand must directly relate to Cedarville University athletics and be approved by the athletic department.

Cedarville's mascot is designed for flexibility. The mascot can be used by itself, with the custom typeface or with the type by itself. There are multiple options for the type and initials as well. While we strongly suggest using the full-color versions, we recognize that that's not always possible. If you are unable to find a version of the mascot that fits your needs or application, contact athletics for help.

Athletic Logos


Blue and yellow: Some things never change — nor should they. Below are the official colors for the Cedarville mascot and artwork kit. The primary colors are shared by the University brand. The secondary colors could also be called "accent" colors. Used correctly, they enhance the primary colors without detracting from or dominating them.

Which color model should I use?

Spot - This color model is used to specify and print colors in which each color is printed with its own ink. The University letterhead is a good example. Pantone 2955 (blue) and 130 (gold) are the only inks used. T-shirts are also a common example. Each color printed on the shirt uses a different color ink identified by a Pantone number.

The biggest benefit of using spot colors is color consistency. Since inks are being mixed to create the color, there will be no variation throughout a print run. Another benefit is cost savings. Reducing the number of colors will reduce overall costs.

Process - This color model is used when printing with four inks or toner (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) to produce other colors. While industrial offset presses use this method to print large quantities of brochures and magazines, this is also the method used by color copiers and printers.



The main lockup has two typographic components. The word "Cedarville" is a custom-designed wordmark that cannot be typeset or changed. The secondary typographic component is where the words "Yellow Jackets" are displayed in a blue banner. This type has been designed to be re-typed for sport-specific applications. This type must always be set in Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk Bold Extended*. However, all weights of Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk are allowed in the design of official athletic department materials such as media guides, stationery, apparel, and other brand-bearing items.

Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk can be downloaded from the downloads section of this website. Step-by-step instructions can be found on the Information Technology help pages.

Please note that the use of these fonts is strictly limited to University-related work.


* The extended variations of Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk are not available for use on Windows based computers. Contact creative services for logos that need the blue banner type changed.

Team Adaptations Use

Because Cedarville athletics covers so many sports, we made sure you had some options. Sport-specific logos are available in both the lockup and type versions of the logo.

To receive a sport-specific version of the logo, contact the University creative services department.

Exceptions: Keep in mind that the athletic mascot and logos are ONLY for use by the athletic department and should never be used in place of the University logo. Sport-specific logos allow the name of a sport or athletic designation (like "Lady Jackets") but can never be used for non-sports-related situations like "Biblical and Theological Studies" to refer to a school or non-sports-related program.

yj_teamadaptations yj_teamadaptationsnot

Proper Use

Use the Full-Color Version

For most applications, the full-color version works great. Consistent use of the mascot and other branding components will enhance the experience others have when they come in contact with it. For any full-color application such as full-color printing, web, or video, always use the full-color version. When printing the logo, try printing in 4-color spot process instead. The result will be crisper and brighter.

Use the 1-Color Versions Sparingly

We understand that sometimes, you don't have the luxury of full-color application. Because of this, we created 3-, 2-, and 1-color options. The single-color options are able to be used either as solid colors or with tints (half tones).

Keep the White!

When the logo is presented on a colored background, the solid white background and outline must be present. All of the EPS files include white outline. Keep in mind that in spot-color printing, if you are using it on a colored background, this does add a fifth color — spot white. NEVER use the artwork on a colored background without it. Exception: When printing 1-color (2965) on an athletic gray apparel, the background may be considered neutral and the white outline may be removed.

Use the Right Colors

This brand guide is designed to eliminate the guesswork. All of the provided files have the correct colors built in. Never pick colors that are not approved by this guide. Rarely, Pantone colors are not an option. This is usually the case when it comes to embroidery or vinyl applications. Don't fret! Give the vendor your PMS colors and ask them to pick the closest option they have.

Use an EPS File

For technical reasons, we suggest using EPS files when sending art to vendors. EPS files are the only option when using the file on a colored background.

Use It Big

Feel free to color an entire space. Crop it so you only see those buggy eyes. Just keep in mind the purpose of using the artwork and be creative!

Use It Small

Sometimes white space (or blue or yellow) surrounding the logo really makes a statement.

Let It Breathe

To ensure clarity, the logo should have a clear zone to separate it from other elements. The optimum area would be half the height of the logo on all four sides. The minimum area is half of that width.


The athletic mascot illustration is a unique trademark of the Cedarville University Athletic Department registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (Registration #3929272). A copy of the certificate is available by contacting the Cedarville University Business Office.

To maintain the registration we are required to include the symbol ® next to the mascot illustration. Failing to display the ® symbol may result in a cancellation of our registration. In cases where the ® will be too small to recognize it may be left off but this should be the exception rather than the norm.

The size of the ® symbol may change depending on the size of the logo being printed as long as the symbol is legible. It must always be located in the lower left of the logo. The color of the ® symbol may be blue or white depending on the background color.

yj_properuse1 yj_properuse2

Improper Use