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Sub-Brand Logos

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Sub-brand logos are used to identify specific University offices, departments, schools, and centers. Sub-brand logos are made up of the "sub-brand name," "University wordmark," and the "pillar mark." Either the University wordmark or the sub-brand name may be used as the primary element. These components are always held in a fixed relationship and should never be altered, modified, or reproduced in any way.

Usage guidelines related to color, clear space, and alterations for the University logo apply also to sub-brand logos.

Offices, departments, schools, and centers are not permitted to develop their own logo. However, there is freedom for creating a unique identity within the provided sub-brand.

Log in to the brand downloads page to obtain your specific sub-brand files.

University Primary Logo

Vertical Orientation

Education Subbrand Nursing Subbrand
History and Government Subbrand Science and Math Subbrand
Political Studies Subbrand Biblical Integration Subbrand
Career Services Subbrand Event Services Subbrand

Sub-brand Primary Logos

Sub-brand primary logos provide an opportunity for entities on campus to differentiate themselves from others. They may not be used outside the context of the University as a primary brand element (the University primary sub-brand logo must be used instead).

Due to the large variation in name length, the sub-brand primary logo may appear on one or two lines and is only available in a horizontal orientation.

Engineering Subbrand
Communications Subbrand
Bioethics Subbrand
Alumni Subbrand