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How do I know if I got the job, if I responded to an email?

You will get an emailed response stating either that you got the job or that it had been filled already. (Sometimes it takes several days to get a response.)

What do I wear?

  • Hat, hair net, or bandana (we provide or you may bring your own)
  • Apron (we provide)
  • Closed toed shoes – no sandals
  • No sleeveless shirts. If wearing shorts, they must touch knee. If you wear a dress or skirt, it must be longer to protect from possible burns.
  • Wear gloves when handling food (we provide)

Essentially, Cedarville acceptable casual wear is fine – Jeans and T-shirt – clean, without holes, and not too baggy.

Where do I report for work?

Come to the back door of the kitchen at the time and day you are scheduled to work. The kitchen (back) door is located across the hall from the event rooms by the computers in the hallway. When you enter, tell the first person you see that you are here to work a new job or sub, they will direct you to a manager who will get you clocked in and started. Know the name of the job you are doing so that you can tell the manager who assists you and we will know what job to teach you.

Should I bring my job description to work with me when I start a new shift?

Yes, you should read your job description prior to coming into start your shift and you should also bring it with you.

How do I clock in if I am not in the computer system yet?

The first time of several times you work, you will use a yellow paper timecard. You will put your last name, first name and 7 digit student ID number on the card and then put the card in the time clock where it will automatically time stamp the card, you will clock out the same way and place the yellow time card in the metal time card rack to the right of the time clock.

When do I start logging in on the computer?

After you have completed your tax paperwork and signed up for direct deposit, try the computer. You will log in by using your cedar info login and password or by swiping your ID card. As soon as the computer allows you to log in saying that you are a valid employee, use the computer login from that time forward (do not use the yellow paper timecard again. Any hours you have logged on a yellow card will be sent to payroll for you. Depending on the pay date they may not show up on the online system but you will be paid for them.

Explanatory Note: Once you can log into the online timecard system please list your job in the explanatory note section of the timecard. Banquets is fine if you work there. If you work in the dining hall please list your job—dish pit, salads, Mexi Bar, etc.

What should I do about eating if my shift is scheduled through the entire meal and or longer?

Any time you are working through a meal, you may come early through the back kitchen door and eat before you clock in (the food is always on the line 30 minutes prior to the meal) or wrap a plate at the end of the meal putting it in the warmer to eat later. However, you may not do both. You may consult a manager about the possibility of eating during a non-rush time off the clock, but we prefer that you eat before or after your shift unless there is a medical reason you need to eat during the shift.

What is the pay rate?

Current Ohio minimum wage