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Basic rules and expectations for employment

  1. During work, you must wear:

    • Hat, hair net, or bandanas (we provide or you may bring yours)
    • Apron (we provide)
    • Closed toed shoes – No sandals, sleeveless shirts, or CU casual wear. Shorts are fine if they come down to the knee.
    • Wear gloves if handling food that is ready to eat (not going to be cooked). It is Ohio law. (we provide)

  2. If you work through a complete meal shift, you may come early before the meal begins (before you clock in) to eat or you may pack a meal to go, however, you may not do both. Come through the kitchen door in the hallway across from the event rooms to eat before your shift not by the checker at the front gate.

  3. If your primary responsibility is finished, you will be reassigned with secondary responsibilities. Check with a manager. No cell phone use or iPods/headphones on the job.

  4. There will be no eating or standing on the clock. In addition, we need you to work quickly and efficiently. This does not mean recklessly. Drink only as needed out of server area, only. Take dirty cup to dish room and wash hands before returning to work

  5. No leaving early unless you have specifically arranged it with the full time manager on duty. Furthermore, your task must be completed and checked out before you leave.

  6. Since you have signed up for a specific time slot, we need you to stay the specified amount of time. If you have specific needs to get out early on an individual basis, talk with a full time manager and let us know what is going on. We will work with you to the best of our ability, but you must talk to us. If you find your shift is taking you longer than the set time, let a manager know, and we can help you find ways to become more efficient. You must complete the task before you leave.

  7. Grounds for hiring are initially based on stated ability to perform the task; however, you must be taking at least 6 credit hours at CU to be eligible. Rehire will be based on our past experience with your job performance, reliability, attitude, and enrollment in at least 6 credit hours at CU. We have a three strikes you are out policy. Reasons for a strike include but are not limited to: missing work with no notification or frequent absences with no subs, no sub email, or consistently not following policy: safety or job duty. We reserve the right to terminate employment immediately for serious rule infraction such as stealing, falsifying time cards, off-campus student abuse of meal privilege, harassment; such will be reported to the Dean.

  8. All food service jobs require ability to work on slippery surfaces and lift up to 50 lbs. If a serious injury requiring medical attention occurs at work, you must fill out an accident report at Campus Security within 24 hours after incident occurred.

  9. We expect you to find a sub to cover for you when you can not be here. You must email service manager the first and last name of your sub and the date/time/shift being covered. Look early. Always place an ad on the CU classifieds; however, always take the ad off once you have found a sub or the date has past. Ask a friend/unit mate (it does not have to be a current dining hall employee - though they will have to fill out tax paper work). Ask a coworker to trade with you. If you are unable to find a sub, always notify Service manager several days in advance. never send group/bulk email to find a sub. The kitchen phone number is 766-3163. Program it into your cell phone so that you can call us in an emergency.

  10. You are expected to commit to working the entire semester that you sign up for except for altered holiday times to be announced by your full time manager, working all contract meals including finals week unless a shift interferes with an exam. If you must quit, a two week notice is requested.

  11. You must attend one (1) Serv Safe training session per school year. Date to be announced.

  12. Log in on the computer when you begin your shift and log out when you leave, not at alternate times. You must always specify in the explanatory note: Banquet, Hive, or, specific cafeteria job you work. For example, “pots and pans”.

  13. Every food service employee must work one weekend shift (unless specifically excused by Service manager due to unusual circumstances): Friday night, Saturday or Sunday. Also, at certain specific times you will be given alternate schedules that you are required to work. These may include (but not limited to) working one extra banquet shift over home coming and/or working an earlier shift (if you are regularly scheduled to work) Example: Super Bowl Sunday. You will be given advanced notice of such changes.

  14. Students who have never worked on campus as a registered college student, or who have had a break in student registration, must fill out required Payroll paperwork after receiving an offer of employment and before beginning employment. Please see the Student Employment website or the Payroll website for information about required documents. Student Employment serves students in the Payroll Office between the hours of 1 – 4 p.m., Monday – Friday.

  15. If you have questions, ask a manager or student manager not just another student employee. It is important that you get the correct answer not just an answer.