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Student Employment Resources

Welcome to the Student Employment resources page, designed to assist you as you search for campus student employment opportunities.

Incoming Student Employees

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On-Campus Information

Getting Started Weekend is one of the most memorable experiences you will have at Cedarville. It is a great way to officially begin your Cedarville experience. Whether you are a new student or the parent of one, we guarantee you will feel welcomed into the Cedarville family. Check out our Getting Started Guide, Mobile App, or Printable Weekend Schedule to learn more. You will find out quickly that there are many opportunities to get involved at Cedarville, including student employment. 

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Crucial Documents

If you have not previously worked on campus, you will need to plan ahead to ensure you have the necessary documentation and identification to complete required employment forms to begin working on campus. To avoid any unnecessary employment delays, plan to bring the following documents to campus:

  • Original, unexpired documents to complete the I-9 Form. Please see the list of Acceptable Documents. You may provide one document from List A or one document from both List B and List C. These documents prove your identity and eligibility to work in the United States.
  • Required documents must be original and unexpired. The University cannot accept photocopies, PDFs or faxes. You may send these documents home after completing required paperwork.
  • You must complete required paperwork prior to beginning employment. Please note: this paperwork may not be completed until a student has secured and accepted an offer of employment.
  • You must also complete applicable state and federal tax withholding forms, as well as a direct deposit form. Please bring banking information to complete the direct deposit form.
  • All new student workers are required to submit completed payroll documents, including students eligible for the Federal Work Study program. If a student experiences a break in registration, new paperwork is required to work on campus.
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Work Eligibility


  • You are eligible to work on campus:
    • If you are registered for six or more semester credit hours (undergraduate)
    • After a written job offer is received and accepted
    • After proper payroll documentation is submitted
  • Typically, students do not work more than 1,200 hours per year. You may work a maximum of 25 hours per week during the academic term. Most students work five to ten hours per week.  Students generally work eight to 10 hours per week in the Federal Work Study program.

How Do I...

Find a Job on Campus?

Know When I Will Be Paid?

Please reference the Student Payroll Schedule.

Log Hours Worked?

  • Students should contact student employment supervisors for time sheet instructions.
  • If students forget to log hours worked, the supervisors of student employees must email Payroll.

Know When I May Begin Working?

Students will receive an email from CU Hired with instructions. After they have completed the instructions, both students and hiring supervisors will receive a verification email from CU Hired that documentation is complete. Students must not begin working until authorized to do so.

Know My Rate of Pay?

All student employees earn Ohio minimum wage; however, in some cases, the hourly wage is higher. Hourly wages vary by position.

Receive Pay?

As a Cedarville University employee, you have two options for receiving your pay: direct deposit or Dayforce Wallet. The University does not issue paper checks to employees. 


Work Study FAQs

  • What is Federal Work Study?
    • Federal Work Study provides part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing students to earn money to pay for educational expenses. Financial need is determined by FAFSA calculation.
  • Are employment options other than federal work study jobs available on campus?
    • Yes. Campus-based job are available to regular student workers. Students do not have to qualify for Federal Work Study to be employed as a student worker.
  • Detailed information about the Federal Work Study Program may be found on Financial Aid's Work Study website.


  • Contact Payroll for questions about paychecks, direct deposit, tax withholding forms, or year-end tax forms.
  • Contact departmental employment supervisors or manager for questions about work schedules, job performance, job requirements/descriptions/specifications, and interview follow-up.
  • Contact the Financial Aid office for questions about federal work study.
  • Contact CU Hired for general questions about the online Student Employment profile and general student employment inquiries.