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Student Employment Profile Instructions

Note: These instructions are for completing the Student Employment Profile form.

Personal Information

  1. Your name and student ID are automatically filled in
  2. Select your class status - Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
  3. Select your course of study/major
  4. Fill in your telephone number
  5. Check the off-campus box if appropriate

Work Experience

  1. Fill in your most recent work experiences (must list at least one)
    1. Provide the company name and position
    2. Provide start month/year and end month/year
  2. Fill in your references (must list at least one)
    1. Provide reference name
    2. Provide reference phone number
  3. Provide any other work related information you wish to include

Job Selection and Availability

  1. Select job(s) you are interested in (must select at least one)
  2. Highlight your times of availability (make sure to update this section each semester)
  3. Select the term for which the times of availability apply

Preview, Confirm, and Save

  1. Click "Preview Profile"
  2. Review your information (click Back to make any necessary changes)
  3. Click "Save Profile" to submit your information

Your profile will be listed under the departments for which you showed interest. Other departments will be able to access your profile as well.