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Center for Biblical Apologetics and Public Christianity

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Engaging culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

We live in a fallen world where what’s right seems wrong and what’s wrong seems right. Who gets to decide which is which, anyway? Is there even an absolute source of truth anymore? The Center for Apologetics and Public Christianity is founded upon the belief that truth can only be found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There has never been a greater need for Christians to shine the light of Christ in the dark places of this world. The Gospel is neither intimidated nor overshadowed by any rival truth claim. Of this Gospel we need not be ashamed.

Our Mission:

The Center for Apologetics and Public Christianity prepares believers to engage culture with the credible news of the Gospel ground in God’s biblical revelation of Himself. The center will be a visible example of the core mission of Cedarville University by offering students resources and opportunities to think deeply and biblically about the role of the Christian in the public square and the position of the Gospel in the marketplace of ideas. The center also affords another avenue by which a diversity of views can be presented and addressed from a biblical perspective.

Mere Caffeination

Mere Caffeination

Join students for weekly discussions on faith and culture, Fridays at 8 a.m. in Stinger’s.


Theolatte Blog

Dr. Dan DeWitt's blog offers up a fresh brew of theology, philosophy, and worldview.

Apologetics Conference

Apologetics Conference - God Revealed - Speaker Dr. Al Mohler - March 27, 2019

About the Director

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