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Center for Biblical Integration

Integrating Biblical Truth, Developing Theological Understanding

The Center for Biblical Integration at Cedarville University promotes biblical and theological understanding for the sake of applying biblical truth to the teaching and research done by all of our faculty members. The Center serves as a resource to help faculty establish and build upon a biblical and theological foundation so as to think theologically about their respective academic disciplines and discern the nexus between biblical-theological truth and all of life. Renewing our minds in the truth of Scripture and theology will equip us for the task of affirming, rejecting, or redeeming the various presuppositions, findings, and conclusions within our respective fields.

To assist in this endeavor, the CBI holds annual academic lectures, a periodic theological symposium, offers specific assistance to new faculty, and ongoing theological training and support for faculty development. The Center also engages in reading and commenting on faculty member’s integration papers, and purchases key works for the resource room to be used by faculty who wish to continue developing in this area. Please feel free to contact us so we can know how best to best to assist you.

Key Resources

  • A resource center for biblical integration located in BTS 248. Here faculty will find work space and pertinent source material that will assist them in developing their integration paper. The Director for Biblical Integration will also be available to meet in the resource center to offer assistance to faculty in their research.
  • Presentations and lectures that will help our faculty think theologically about their respective disciplines.
  • Integration papers written by Cedarville University faculty. These papers serve as models for faculty in the process of writing their own works on integration.
  • A select bibliography of key resources is available for developing a biblical/theological approach to integration.
  • Our CBI Fellows also offer guidance and feedback to faculty in their integration papers as well as ongoing integration efforts in research and teaching. This year these Fellows include Melissa Beck, Marc Clauson, Bob Paris, and Tim Tuinstra.