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Our friendly, professional faculty and staff members care deeply about you as a student and helping you succeed at Cedarville.

Photo of Kim Ahlgrim

Kim Ahlgrim

Director of The Cove

  • Location BTS 226
  • Phone 937-766-3845
  • Email Email
Photo of Monica Bowen

Monica Bowen

Testing Coordinator

  • Location BTS 220
  • Phone 937-766-7403
  • Email Email
Photo of Becky Kuhn

Becky Kuhn

Coord., Academic Engagement and Asst. Professor, Developmental Education

  • Location BTS 222
  • Phone 937-766-3846
  • Email Email
Photo of Deidre Sizer

Deidre Sizer

Tutoring and Office Coordinator

  • Location BTS 225
  • Phone 937-766-3845
  • Email Email
Photo of Marcy Van Meter

Marcy Van Meter

Disability Compliance Coordinator

  • Location BTS
  • Phone 937-766-7437
  • Email Email

Chapel: Isaac Shaw