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Academic Enrichment Courses

The Cove offers several courses or learning programs that will help you develop — and keep — good study habits that will serve you well throughout your Cedarville experience.


As you face new expectations for your academic performance, the learning habits you develop now can influence the rest of your college education. Foundations is a one-credit course available to all new students who are required to take the class to help you proactively adapt to college-level learning. You will explore proven strategies for taking notes, thinking critically, managing time, taking tests, and balancing priorities. The class size is intentionally small, and your professor will serve as an advocate for your personal and professional goals. Through this course, you’ll identify your strengths and discover what motivates you to succeed. Not only will the habits and goals you develop prepare you for college, but they will also equip you for a lifetime of success.

Intermediate Algebra

Intermediate Algebra is a pre-college level math proficiency course. This will help prepare you for more difficult, college-level math courses in the future. This is a pass/fail course with no earned credit.


MAP is a course for students on academic probation. It is designed to help students find accountability and develop concrete strategies that will help them with the learning process and build skills that translate to all areas of life.


WAVE is a summer academic program for incoming freshmen, specifically designed to help you meet core proficiencies to prepare for college. This course is by invitation only. As part of the program, you will take the Foundations course and either Basic English or Intermediate Algebra. When you successfully complete the program, you will be awarded a $2,000 scholarship (renewable for four years) and be ready to start college with the skills you need to succeed.

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Do you want to increase your reading rate and comprehension? If so,
Accelerate is designed for you! Accelerate is a five-week course created to help
your reading rate improve and your comprehension increase through a series of
educational videos and exercises. Accelerate will:
  1. Equip you with tools to increase your reading speed.
  2. Evaluate your current reading style.
  3. Introduce you to techniques that will improve your reading rate and
    increase your comprehension.

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