A group of students participate in an Event in Cedarville's gym

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Annually Cedarville University sponsors hundreds of academic, donor, youth, professional, and student events. It is of the utmost importance to utilize University resources wisely and provide support for every event. To accomplish these goals effectively, Event Services works closely with on-campus departments, student organizations, and off-campus guests to schedule and support the University's wide-ranging event operations.

How to Schedule an Event at Cedarville University

On-Campus Departments and Student Orgs

Step One: Secure the Date/Facilities

Complete the online event/facilities application. After consulting the master University calendar, the date will be approved or an alternate date will be suggested.

Step Two: Work through Details

After the event date and facilities are secured, you will then be prompted to secure campus services. If you have requested assistance from Event Services, an event coordinator will be assigned to assist you with campus services.

Off-Campus Groups

We offer off-campus groups the opportunity to host conferences, camps, retreats, seminars, and other events using University meeting facilities, technology, services, and housing (summer only).

While on campus, your group can enjoy:

  • Personal and professional conference services
  • Beautiful conference and meeting rooms
  • 3,400-seat chapel/auditorium
  • Classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology
  • Video conferencing
  • Spacious dining hall
  • Lodging for summer events
  • Ample free parking
  • Easy access to DaytonCincinnati and Columbus

If you would like to print this checklist, please view it as a PDF.

Step One: Secure the Date/Facilities; Review and Return Contract

To hold an event on-campus, a request must be submitted via our online event/facilities application. Before anything else is done, your date and facilities must be secured.

The Director of Event Services will send you a contract to review, sign, and return to Event Services. Once you receive a co-signed contract, you can begin making arrangements and advertising your event.

Step Two: Secure Insurance

Cedarville University requires liability insurance for all events held on its campus. For more detailed information, review your contract.

Step Three: Coordinate Event Details

We offer:

  • Pre-planning and brainstorming help for your conference, luncheon, dinner, reception, camp, or event.
  • Placing work orders, and daily coordination with all of the services on campus (Custodial Services, AV Services, Production Services, maintenance, dining services, and many others).
Step Four: Approve and Finalize Event Details

Two weeks prior to your event, you will need to make final arrangements with your assigned Event Coordinator for facilities set-up, dormitory keys, and final counts. As part of our event services mission and policies, all students (high school age and younger) participating in events on campus are required to complete a "guest registration card." Cards are used for campus security purposes and for appropriate follow-up by our admissions department.