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Airport Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I cancel my reservation and receive a refund?

Refund Policy:

You may cancel your reservation and receive a full refund up until 24 hours before the start of the university break. We cannot process cancellations after the break begins due to the fact that the Student Life Programs office is closed during all university breaks. Email to cancel your reservation.

Which shuttle time should I register for?

For Departures:

You should register for a shuttle that is at least two hours before your scheduled flight time. The drive to the airport is usually 35-40 minutes depending on traffic. So a shuttle scheduled to leave at 2pm will arrive at the airport around 2:35-2:40.

For Arrivals:

The time indicated is the time the shuttle will leave the airport. If your flight gets in after the shuttle time, or close to that time (less than 15 minutes before), please select a later shuttle. For example, the 12pm shuttle will be leaving Dayton Airport at 12pm and a flight arrival time of 11:55am should register for the 3pm shuttle.

Where do I meet the Shuttle?

For Departures:

The Airport shuttle leaves from the Information Desk of the Stevens Student Center (SSC). Please arrive at least ten minutes before your scheduled departure. All shuttles must leave no later than fifteen minutes after the scheduled time.

For arrivals:

The Airport shuttle will pick you up outside of the baggage claim area at the Dayton International Airport. Please look for a Cedarville University vehicle.

What are the available shuttle times?

Check the online ordering page to see transportation dates and which shuttle times are offered and available on those dates.

Which breaks are transportation provided for?

Getting Started (arrival to CU), Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, and Spring Break.

Is there a deadline to register for the shuttle?

The deadline to register for shuttles is noon the day before the first shuttle departs for the designated break, however, there are a limited number of seats per shuttle. When the shuttle is full, it will no longer appear for purchase on the web page.

Why does Cedarville University only provide transportation to and from the Dayton International Airport?

The Dayton International Airport is only 33 miles from campus while the Columbus and Cincinnati airports are over 60 miles from campus. We choose to provide shuttles to the Dayton airport because it is too costly to service rides to the other airports.

Who operates this service and why does it cost $20 each way?

Students who are members of the Student Life Programs (SLP) operate the service (schedule the shuttles and drivers, manage the online registration system and answer all airport transportation questions).

We charge $20 each way to cover the cost of vehicle rental ($.60 per mile) and labor cost for the shuttle drivers (minimum wage).

What happens when my flight is canceled and I won’t be able to ride on the shuttle I signed up for?

Since we are a shuttle service and not a taxi service, we do not offer shuttles outside of our window of service. If you will still return in time to catch another shuttle you are welcome to take that shuttle. If your flight is delayed or cancelled please text the airport transportation number (937)-697-1213 so we can notify drivers.

Unfortunately, if you arrive outside of the time shuttles are offered we will be unable to bring you back from the airport. We will offer a refund, but you must call a friend or grab a taxi to return to campus. This is a policy we have in place because we have student drivers and once the break is over they return to classes and are unable to drive. Again, this is a shuttle service that we are happy to serve you through, but it is not a taxi service.