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Accelerated Pathways to a Master's Degree

Cedarville University offers accelerated completion pathways that allow you to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in less time and at a lower cost.

Why choose an accelerated bachelor's-to-master's completion plan?

  • Save time and money by completing prerequisites along with selected master’s-level courses as part of your undergraduate program ... potentially at no additional cost.
  • Enhance your marketability as you search for a job by earning a highly regarded professional credential along with your undergraduate degree.
  • Complete your master's degree online after you are already working (available for pathways to an M.B.A.). The Advanced M.Div. is an accelerated residential program.
  • Enjoy streamlined admission to the master's program.

How the accelerated pathways work:

  • Complete any required prerequisites as part of your undergraduate electives.
  • Take selected graduate courses during your senior year.
  • Start your graduate program with advanced status, reducing your overall cost and time to completion.

Take the next steps:

  • Talk with your admissions counselor or academic advisor to learn more about how an accelerated bachelor’s to master’s pathway will benefit you.
  • Work with your advisor to schedule prerequisite courses as your electives.
  • Register for graduate-level courses by your senior year. (Obtain permission form from the Office of the Registrar.)
  • Officially apply for your master’s program by the last semester of your undergraduate studies.

Bachelor's-to-Master's Pathways

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