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About the BA in History Degree

Why Study History at Cedarville?

Do you have a passion for studying the past with an eye toward improving the future? Cedarville’s distinctly Christian history major will prepare you for graduate work or for a career in a variety of fields, including government, law, business, education, public history, and ministry. To tailor your degree to your unique goals, a few minors that pair well with the history degree include church history, international studies, political science, public administration, public policy, and sociology.

If history interests you but you're not pursuing it as a major, then Cedarville's history minor may be for you! You'll take courses like United States History to 1877 and History of Civilization to 1500, as well as history electives. Both the major and minor in history will equip you to graduate with a deep understanding of history and how it has shaped our world today. You'll leave Cedarville prepared to serve and glorify Christ through whatever career path you embark on.

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What Sets Cedarville Apart?

Program Overview

Program Highlights

Distinctly Christian – Cedarville’s distinctiveness is found in its overt integration of the Christian faith with the past. We want you to marvel at the work of God in history, recognize the depravity of mankind in the past, discover how people can live in community with one another, and evaluate the lessons of history through the principles taught in God’s Word. We believe that a rigorous study of the past, grounded in the Word of God, has the potential to change lives and allow graduates to be uniquely equipped to be salt and light in our the world.

Broad Focus – You will develop a foundation for pursuing careers in almost any field by focusing on communication, critical and logical analysis, information management, and problem-solving.

Excellent Preparation – Today’s employers understand the value of a liberal arts degree because it develops the skills required for our fast-paced economy. Employees need to be able to communicate well, critically analyze, develop solutions to problems, and synthesize large amounts of information. No major does a better job developing these skills than history.

Placement Success

We're proud of our successful graduates! 100% of recent graduates from the Department of History and Government were employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation. Check out Cedarville's other placement rates.

What Can You Do With a BA in History?

What can you do with a history degree? Cedarville’s history program will prepare you for careers in academic or public history. The former involves teaching and professional research in the context of colleges and universities. The latter include working in history museums, archives, living history sites, and national parks.

History is a classic liberal arts field that will prepare you for graduate work in a variety of fields including history, political science, archeology, anthropology, and law. History is also excellent undergraduate preparation for seminary and graduate studies in religion.

The history major may be pursued as a double major with another field, such as philosophy, theology, political science, economics, and other liberal arts majors.

A Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Cedarville University can lead you to a career as a:

  • Archivist
  • Editor
  • Graduate work leading to college/university teaching
  • History Teacher
  • Lawyer
  • Legislative Assistant
  • Librarian
  • Paralegal and Legal Assistant
  • Public Affairs Officer
  • Writer

Graduate and professional programs and employers welcome Cedarville University graduates each year. It is important to note that some professional career fields you may pursue require additional education, experience, and/or licensure beyond the completion of your Cedarville University undergraduate degree.

Opportunities to Learn Outside the Classroom

Internships - Internships in the field of history can help prepare you for a variety of career opportunities. If you want to pursue a career in academia, you can seek student grader and assistantship opportunities on campus. If you’re considering careers in public history, you can complete an internship in local historical societies, museums, libraries, or living history sites. Our students have completed internships at places like libraries, community hospitals, and the National Archives.

Civil Rights Tour - The annual Civil Rights Tour allows students, faculty, and staff to travel with community leaders and have the opportunity to walk where history was made.

D.C. Semester - You can join fellow students and a faculty member for a life-changing experience of learning, development, and service in a semester spent in Washington, D.C.

Center for Political Studies - The Center for Political Studies provides a biblical response to political and social issues of our day. You will be connected with the political world as you are exposed to expert speakers and the Center’s Christ-centered research.

Student Organizations - Student organizations complement your coursework with opportunities to meet and learn from like-minded students and professionals.

  • Epsilon Pi Lambda provides students opportunities to grow in their appreciation of the fields of history and government and provide an outlet for pursuing knowledge, obtaining academic support, gaining fellowship, and providing service.

Program Curriculum

Building on your core liberal arts and Bible minor courses, you will take core history courses — learning from the earliest civilizations to the present day —and electives, including a required non-Western history elective. Your coursework will encourage you to evaluate the historical narrative based on biblical principles, helping you understand how Christianity plays a part in history and what a Christian’s response should be to historical events.

This major is offered with either a three-year or four-year completion plan.

Sample courses:

  • Introduction to Historiography
  • Research in American History

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Program Format and Related Programs

Cedarville offers both graduate and undergraduate programs, with flexible completion options. You may also want to consider these related programs as you consider the degree or program that is a best fit for you.

Program Level and Format

  • Undergraduate
  • Residential
  • 3-Year Option
  • 4-Year
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From Our Students:

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