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by Abby Totten, Student Public Relations Writer

No matter the department, biblical integration is strongly emphasized in every academic discipline at Cedarville University. Dr. Justin D. Lyons, associate professor of political science in the history and government department, combined his interest in literature and biblical integration into his recent book titled “The Faithful Reader: Essays on Biblical Themes in Literature.” The book was published by Cedrus Press on January 12, 2023.

Lyons started writing about literature many years ago, which has included pieces for the Gospel Coalition and the Hillsdale College Churchill Project. His interest in writing a book about Christian worldview within literature sparked from his previous work.

“When I came to Cedarville five years ago, the emphasis on biblical integration was a perfect match,” said Lyons. “I started soliciting essays from other faculty members who were interested in the idea of compiling a book that addresses biblical integration within our respective disciplines.”

Not only did other faculty members contribute to this work, but two Cedarville students as well.

The essays written in “The Faithful Reader” explore biblical themes such as love, mercy, sin, repentance and hope in selected works of literature, as varied as “The Lord of the Rings” and “Charlotte’s Web.” The volume serves as an example of the practice of biblical integration that Cedarville values in every department.

“I wanted to create a volume that showed the application of the Christian worldview in action,” said Lyons. “And at the same time demonstrate the idea of biblical integration that is so important to Cedarville.”

“The Faithful Reader” is a volume about Christian worldview and it addresses what a Christian worldview looks like and what it means, especially when reading literature.


Joining Lyons in “The Faithful Reader” are 15 colleagues and Cedarville students, including:

Holly N. Blakely, M.A., assistant professor of English

Melissa D. Brown, M.S.W., assistant professor of social work

Robert Clark, Ph.D., assistant professor of history

Jasmine DePalmo, B.S.S.W., 2022 Cedarville University graduate  

Emily K. Ferkaluk, Ph.D., adjunct instructor of politics and American culture and quantitative methodology

Bryana M. Fern, Ph.D., assistant professor of English

Steven M. Gollmer, Ph.D., senior professor of physics

Anna Hurt, B.S.S.W., 2022 Cedarville graduate  

Jason K. Lee, Ph.D., professor of theological studies  

Alexis J. McKay, resident director  

Michael McKay, Ph.D., assistant professor of biblical theology

Stanley Schwartz, Ph.D., candidate, instructor of history

Kirsten N. Setzkorn, M.L.I.S., assistant professor of library science  

Michael E. Sherr, Ph.D., professor of social work

Mark Caleb Smith, Ph.D., dean, school of arts and humanities

"The Faithful Reader: Essays on Biblical Themes in Literature,” is published through Cedrus Press Publications and accessible online through Digital Commons, a service of Centennial Library:

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