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Interdisciplinary Team Develops Cadaveric Perfusion Model for Lifesaving Biomedical Device Testing

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Injuries to the carotid artery of the neck are particularly common during combat, as it is in one of the few areas not protected by armor. Penetrating neck injuries also occur due to stab wounds and automobile accidents. The carotid is a vital artery that supplies blood to the brain, which requires a continuous supply of blood. In the case that the carotid gets lacerated and begins to hemorrhage, the individual has minutes to live unless medical care is administered. The current protocol for...
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Cedarville University Biomedical Engineering Partners with Local 3DP Implant Manufacturing Company

Monday, October 26, 2020

In the medical industry, there is a growing need for affordable implants that are customized to each patient. Just as each bone defect is unique, so is each patient in need of an implant. Additive manufacturing (AM) allows for the creation of more complex geometries than traditional manufacturing methods. With the advancement of three-dimensional printing (3DP), manufacturers are now able to print Titanium, a biocompatible and historically successful implant material. This new and emerging...
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