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World Area Studies Programs

Engage a Changing World

Global realities demand that today’s graduates interact and communicate effectively with people who hold a diverse array of beliefs, attitudes, and values. Cedarville University seeks to give you the tools and perspectives you will need to minister in a variety of cultural contexts, whether you plan to live in the U.S. or abroad.

Our world studies minors are designed to help you acquire beginning or intermediate language skills and a framework for understanding and evaluating various cultures. Each minor offers you the opportunity to study the language with highly qualified faculty, take elective courses, and spend a semester or summer abroad.

Cedarville is one of only a small number of Christian institutions to offer world studies minors; our programs can be completed either entirely on campus or through a combination of courses taken on campus and abroad.

These minors form a strong complement to majors in international studies, biblical education, missions, communication arts, history, political science, and more!

Asian Minor (20 credit hours*)

  • Elementary Chinese (8)
  • Contemporary East Asian Literature (3)
  • History and Politics of East Asia (3)
  • Electives (6)

Study abroad opportunities include China, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

German Minor (17 credit hours*)

  • Elementary German (4)
  • Intermediate German (7)
  • Survey of German Literature (3)
  • 3000-Level German Electives (3)
Latin American Studies Minor (22 credit hours*)
  • Intermediate Spanish (7)
  • History and Politics of Latin America (3)
  • Cultural Anthropology (3)
  • 3000/4000-Level Elective in Spanish (3)
  • Electives (6)

Study abroad opportunities include Mexico and Costa Rica.

Middle Eastern Studies Minor (22 credit hours*)

  • Elementary Arabic I and II (8)
  • or Introduction to Arabic Languages and Culture and one semester of Hebrew (6–7)
  • History and Politics of the Middle East (3)
  • Cultural Anthropology (3)
  • Electives (8–10)

Study abroad opportunities include Israel, Egypt, and Jordan.

Western European Studies Minor (22 credit hours*)

  • Intermediate French, German, or Spanish** (7)
  • History and Politics of Western Europe (3)
  • Cultural Anthropology (3)
  • 3000-Level Elective in French, German, or Spanish (3)
  • Electives (6)

Study abroad opportunities include France, Germany, or Spain.

*A minimum of six credits must be earned at Cedarville.
** Other languages not currently offered at Cedarville could be substituted based on demonstrated proficiency.