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Pharmacy at Cedarville University involves two or three years of prepharmacy courses followed by four years of professional/graduate studies in pharmacy. During these six or seven years you will earn two degrees, the Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Science (B.S.P.S.) and the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.). By offering the prepharmacy program, Cedarville University allows you to complete its unique Bible minor and entire general education curriculum without having an overloaded class schedule. The Bible minor and liberal arts core are essential to what makes a Cedarville education distinctive. This also affords you the freedom to participate in other activities such as sports, music, and missions trips — important aspects of your Cedarville experience!

If you have already earned a bachelor's degree and completed most of your prepharmacy requirements, you may seek admission to the advanced professional curriculum.  See post baccalaureate admission for details.


The prepharmacy curriculum compares closely to course requirements for other majors pursued by students entering health professions, including the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees with a major in biology and the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in chemistry. However, in contrast to most prepharmacy programs, the curriculum gives you early exposure to the profession through a series of pharmacy profession courses, taken each of the six semesters of your prepharmacy experience. Covering the history of pharmacy, current issues in pharmacy, and a variety of career options in the professions, the first four courses will help you solidify your interest in pharmacy while providing you with valuable background information. You will also gain important qualitative research skills through the projects associated with the courses, equipping you in advance for the research expected in the professional curriculum.  The two courses you take your third prepharmacy year, pharmacy calculations and biostatistics, will equip you with some of the quantitative tools you will need in the profession.

Though designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Cedarville University School of Pharmacy, the prepharmacy curriculum will prepare you for admission to any pharmacy program. If you plan to pursue admission to other schools of pharmacy, consult one of the pharmacy faculty advisors to ensure that you are meeting any specific requirements and deadlines required by those schools.

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B.S. in Pharmaceutical Science

The B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences serves as the foundation for advanced study in pharmacy or the pharmaceutical sciences as well as career opportunities in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry.

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The three years of prepharmacy courses are followed by four years of advanced professional education. In the final year, students will participate in advanced clinical rotations in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings around the region and nation. Upon graduation, you will earn a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.), and be eligible to sit for the national pharmacy licensing examination.

The pharmacy curriculum features the essential components of a pharmacy education along with courses on contemporary topics designed to prepare you for the current and future health care environment. Weekly practical experiences in a variety of pharmacy settings will complement the important content you cover in classes, providing you with 300 hours of experience prior to your final year of advanced clinical rotations. Additionally, pharmacy professors embrace active learning methods, designed to enhance your learning and mastery of the information that you will use for years to come.  Your pharmacy education will be challenging, patient-centered, and fulfilling.

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