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International Programs


You will be attending the Institute of Spanish Studies (ISS) in the center of Valencia. Courses that are offered have been preapproved and will transfer back to Cedarville as specific courses. A list of course equivalents is available here. Classes are taught in Spanish, and each class typically carries a midterm and a final in addition to the normal classwork and homework.

Almost any Spanish class you need to complete the Spanish major or minor is available in Valencia, with only a few exceptions. Additionally, there are internship placements in a variety of fields available to interested students. You will receive credit for your classes as if they were completed at Cedarville. For a complete list of courses offered and their equivalents, click here.


How are Spanish levels determined?

You will be given a placement test before leaving for Spain that will determine the level of the classes you are placed in.

Who will I have classes with?

You will likely be in class with several Cedarville students as well as students from other universities. Classes are generally small, which allows a high amount of participation and professor/student interaction.

How will I get to class?

Most students walk to class; however, there is a very efficient, safe, reliable public transportation system throughout the city. If you live further away or if it is pouring rain, that is always an option as well.

Is there a language requirement?

Nope! Your level will be tested, but students may study in Spain if they have never studied Spanish or if their skills are very high.

How will my grades/transcript be sent to my home college?

Transcripts will be issued upon request by Cedarville University.