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International Programs

Student Life


Students in Valencia live with Spanish host families that have been hosting students for 25 years. Food and laundry are provided, and students may be housed with one or two other students. English is not spoken in the home, greatly contributing to an improvement in language skills throughout the experience.


Several weekend excursions are incorporated into the semester. Students visit the beaches of Peñíscola as well as the Roman town of Sagunto. These excursions are included in the program fees; however, students may choose to take additional trips, which can be very convenient and affordable. Students can hop on the train and visit other cities in Spain or find inexpensive airfare and visit neighboring European cities during breaks or long weekends.

Culture Points

One of the most important things to remember while you are in Spain is that Spain is different than the United States. When you start making comparisons, you begin to get homesick and focus on what you miss. There are some things to keep in mind as you prepare to go to Valencia. First, you will be walking a lot. Make sure you have comfortable shoes and plan on spending a lot of time walking from place to place. The food is different. Count on seafood and vegetables and try everything. People dress up in Spain, so you will find that the clothing is quite different. Valencia is a diverse city with people representing many different countries so get out there, meet new people, and learn new things!


Intercambios are a great way to make Spanish friends and practice your language skills. There are many Spanish students looking for Americans to practice their English with and opportunities will be provided for you to meet them, practice, and make new friends. Many students leave Spain with an “intercambio” as a new lifelong friend.


  1. How can I get exercise?
    • You will be walking a lot! Aside from that however, there are parks and paths where you can run throughout Valencia, and it is also possible to join a gym for the time that you are there.
  2. What is the food like?
    • Delicious! Remember you are living in a coastal city, so you will see a lot of seafood. Lots of fruits and vegetables, fresh bread with every meal, and, of course, you’ll find your fair share of chicken and rice and potatoes as well.
  3. What if I get sick?
    • High-quality medical care is available, and student insurance is also included.
  4. Will I get a phone?
    • Yes, you will be provided with a cellphone upon arrival. It will come with 10-12 euros on it, and it will be your responsibility to keep it charged after that money runs out.