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International Programs



Cedarville University collaborates with International Study in Seville (ISiS) to create a comprehensive program that is academically and culturally enriching as well as giving students ample opportunities for ministry and service


  • Middle of January through middle of May


  • 12-16 Credits
  • Wide variety of classes in Spanish (PDF documents provide course information)
  • Intensive language option available for those with little or no Spanish
  • "Standard Spanish" that can be used anywhere in the world where Spanish is spoken
  • Classes taught at the prestigious Universidad de Sevilla
  • Before starting classes at the University of Seville students attend a two week intensive Spanish conversation course to give them a head start with their language skills

Student Life

  • Students connect with activities that correspond to their unique interests
  • Ample opportunities to study, live, and serve with locals rather than living with other Americans
  • Opportunities to experience two major spring holidays in Seville: Holy Week and Feria

Ministry, Service, and Internship Opportunities

We believe strongly in the value of internships for students in study abroad who have the academic background and/or serious prior experience. Discuss the possibility of an internship with your home university advisor and write a specific proposal in the field of the internship you desire. Upon your advisor's approval, submit your proposal with your application.

You will be interviewed via SKYPE/telephone to insure that your Spanish is up to what you plan to achieve. If satisfied, ISiS will prepare the internship so that you can begin once in Seville. Professionals and experts in human resources and placement will seriously monitor all internships.

Our staff has numerous connections throughout Spain with:

  • Missionaries
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Local organizations/companies
  • Multi-national organizations/companies


  • Students are housed individually with families carefully vetted by our staff
  • Three meals a day are provided
  • 24 hour Internet access from each home


  • Activated cell phone provided for each student
  • Thorough orientation to life in Seville
  • Staff available to help students with any emergency 24 hour a day, seven days a week

Health Care

  • Access to the best private, not public, doctors and clinics in Spain


  • Numerous local excursions
  • Trips to Cordoba, Donana, El Rocio, Granada, Jerez de la Frotera, Ronda, Carmona, and Italica
  • Students have time to travel on their own or in small groups to other places in Europe


  • The cost is the same as a semester on campus, plus your transportation to the program.
  • Non-program travel during the semester is at the student's expense.
  • Local public transportation and personal purchases are not covered by the program cost.