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Dual Enrollment Admission FAQs

Who is eligible to apply for admission to dual enrollment?

Students in grades 7-12 who meet Cedarville’s undergraduate admission requirements may apply.

What if I have not completed two full years of high school coursework?

You will need to submit grade reports or transcripts from the school(s) that you attended in the two previous years plus a transcript showing the courses that you are currently enrolled in.

What courses are included in a college-preparatory curriculum?

Students applying for dual enrollment should demonstrate that they are making good academic progress toward completing a challenging college preparatory curriculum. Honors, AP, and IB courses are not required but do demonstrate college readiness. Typical college-preparatory graduation requirements include:

  • 4 units of high school English
  • 4 units of high school math (through at least Algebra 2)
  • 3 units of science
  • 3 units of social studies

Why is submitting standardized test scores optional?

Current high school students have had very few opportunities to take and complete standardized tests (ACT, SAT, CLT) since March of 2020 due to COVID restrictions and testing cancellations. Cedarville has chosen to adopt a test-optional policy through spring 2023 to ensure that all applicants have an equal opportunity to participate in dual enrollment despite limited test availability.

Will Cedarville still look at SAT, ACT or CLT test scores?

Yes. Test optional does not mean test blind. If we have a student’s scores when their admission file is complete, we will factor the scores into any admission decision.

Should dual enrollment applicants submit a test score?

Yes. Dual enrollment applications are test-optional until spring 2023, but if you have taken the ACT, SAT or CLT, score submission is requested.

My test scores are low. Should I submit them anyway?

We think so. While low test scores may impact a student’s chances of admission to Cedarville, they are a good predictor of student success and therefore we recommend that you submit them. Remember that test scores are only one piece of your admissions package.

Can I withdraw test scores that have been previously submitted?

No. Once submitted, test scores remain a part of your permanent admissions file.

How will Cedarville evaluate dual enrollment applicants who do not submit test scores?

The review process will be very similar for all applications. Our admissions committee will consider the strength of high school college preparatory coursework, achievement in honors-level courses, grade trends, recommendations, co-curricular activities (including work and home responsibilities), and community involvement.

How will proficiency be evaluated for students without test scores?

Dual enrolled students who wish to take English or mathematics courses must attain a minimum ACT, SAT, or CLT score to demonstrate proficiency as a prerequisite to taking these courses. These prerequisite scores are posted on our dual enrollment course page.

What if I decide to extend my high school education to a fifth year?

Eligibility for dual enrollment Family Pay Option pricing expires at graduation from high school, as established at the time of admission as a dual enrollment student. Fifth-year high school students are not eligible for dual enrollment Family Pay Option pricing.

Can my student participate in College Credit Plus?

Ohio students in grades 7-12 should review College Credit Plus eligibility, funding and application information. Students must apply for state funding and/or notify their high school guidance counselor of their intent to participate annually by April 1.

The CCP application deadline for the 2021-22 academic year has been extended to May 1, 2021, due to COVID.