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Cedarville professor discusses politics in front of camera

About the Center for Political Studies

The Center for Political Studies was founded in 2005 to provide a biblical response to political and social issues of our day. Modern Americans are wrestling with a range of difficult legal, moral, and political issues. We are confronting war and praying for peace. We are a rich nation that still bears the blight of poverty. We are in turmoil over the beginning and end of life; and we have not yet decided on the moral and political limits of science and technology.

The Center for Political Studies recognizes that Christians have no choice but to take a stand in troubled times. We must seek to gain an informed perspective, while evaluating issues through the lens of our faith. Once formed, our convictions will guide us as we navigate through the complicated web of issues, parties, and policies that make up our politics.

The Center for Political Studies desires to engage our nation’s political culture with the heart and mind of Christ. By educating students and community members alike to effectively articulate a biblical perspective in response to both political chaos and apathy, we can affect change within our homes, communities, and country.

The Center for Political Studies seeks to educate its constituents through a variety of resources and events.

Academic Lectures and Symposia

Often featuring well-known academic scholars and political decision makers, the Center’s lectures and symposia expose and inform constituents on a wide-range of political issues.

Online Resources

The Center seeks to make available a wide range of resources, such as our Director’s blog, podcasts, and published articles to inform constituents on various political topics. See our Resources link.


Cedarville University students may apply for research opportunities, either for course credit or stipend, to work closely with the Center’s faculty members on projects, such as conference presentations and publications.

The Center also takes advantage of the experience and depth of Cedarville University faculty by offering fellowship opportunities to those interested in pursuing research that aligns with its mission and objectives.


Centered on important public issues and policies, roundtables provide the opportunity for political, academic, and intellectual leaders to provide information and insight to constituents in an interactive format.