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Socialism Course

Topic: Socialism Course Taught by Dr. Jeff Haymond

Dr. Jeff Haymond teaching class

Freedom to Flourish: Socialist Dreams. Market Realities.

In spring 2020, Dr. Jeff Haymond, Dean of the School of Business Robert W. Plaster School of Business and Professor of Economics, taught a course that addressed the failures and fallacies of socialism. These classes, along with a series of guest lectures by leading economic and political scholars — were recorded and are available for you to watch at no charge.

We hope these classes are a blessing to you and increase your knowledge of this important — and timely — topic.

Course Videos

The videos below are presented in the order of the class lectures. The final two videos are related presentations from the University's Freedom to Flourish speaker series.

View thumbnail for What is Socialism

What is Socialism

Dr. Haymond introduces and defines socialism.

View thumbnail for Marxian Socialism

Marxian Socialism

Dr. Haymond looks at the life of economist and philosopher, Karl Marx.

View thumbnail for Mises Critique

Mises Critique

Dr. Haymond discusses economist, Ludwig von Mises, and his views on socialism.

View thumbnail for Response to Neo-Socialists

Response to Neo-Socialists

Dr. Jeff Haymond takes a look at economist Friedrich Hayek's responses to the socialist arguments.

View thumbnail for Response to Mises

Response to Mises

Dr. Haymond discusses how market socialists like Friedrich Hayek respond to Mises

View thumbnail for Warning of Totalitarianism

Warning of Totalitarianism

Dr. Haymond discusses Friedrich Hayek's warnings of a totalitarian, socialist society.

View thumbnail for Socialism in Practice

Socialism in Practice

Dr. Haymond discusses Great Britain's history of embracing socialism.

View thumbnail for Fall of the Iron Curtain

Fall of the Iron Curtain

Dr. Jeff Haymond and his guest, Dr. Marc Clauson, discuss the history of the USSR, Germany, and Poland's socialism experiences.

Videos mentioned in class: Churchill's Speech, East Germany Escape Attempts, Tear Down This Wall speech.

View thumbnail for Biblical Review of Socialism

Biblical Review of Socialism

Dr. Haymond discusses the biblical review of socialism from an economic perspective.

View thumbnail for A Look at Venezuela

A Look at Venezuela

Dr. Haymond takes a look at the socialist experiment in Venezuela.

Video mentioned in class: Marco Rubio

View thumbnail for Monetary Socialism

Monetary Socialism

Dr. Haymond discusses monetary central banking and exposes the reality of socialist government control over the economy.

View thumbnail for Health Care

Health Care

Dr. Haymond dives into the economics of the socialist health care system.

View thumbnail for Free Market Response

Free Market Response

Dr. Haymond sums up the response to socialism while recapping what has been learned in the course.

Videos mentioned in class: "The Hockey Stick of Human Prosperity", Hong Kong

View thumbnail for Freedom to Flourish: The End of Socialism

Freedom to Flourish: The End of Socialism

Cedarville University's Freedom to Flourish event hosted Professor James Otteson, Thomas W. Smith Presidential Chair in Business Ethics, Professor of Economics, and Executive Director of the Eudaimonia Institute at Wake Forest University, on February 18, 2020.

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