One Thousand Days Transformed - The Campaign for Cedarville

DL's are a select group of students who have volunteered to assist the Discipleship Council in developing and leading small group studies on campus.

Requirements and Responsibities

  • A heart for God, a desire to grow spiritually, and a desire to encourage other students in their spiritual growth.
  • Be available for training in how to lead discipleship groups near the beginning of the fall semester. This training will be given by the Discipleship Director (Aaron Cook) and the DC (Discipleship Council) members.
  • All DL’s are strongly encouraged to assist with the Getting Started new student orientation. This will involve returning to campus early in the fall and will give you experience in leading a group, as well as important relational contacts with new students which may assist you in assembling your discipleship group. (If you have schedule conflicts with this, don’t let it discourage you from applying)
  • You will be meeting throughout the entire school year with a team of fellow Discipleship Leaders under the guidance of a specific Discipleship Council member. These meetings will be every week, and will prepare you for leading your own small group as you go through the study together as a leadership team.
  • In addition to meeting with the leadership team, you will be leading your own discipleship group. This will also be a weekly responsibility. The groups you will be leading will start 4-5 weeks into the fall semester and go through the spring semester.
  • Total time commitment will be 3-5 hours per week.


  • Exercise your spiritual gifts
  • Develop your ministry skills
  • Be challenged in your spiritual growth
  • Be encouraged by friendships developed through your service
  • Impact your campus for Christ