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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take Foundations?

Because of its unique environment, this course is available to the first 200 students. Initial eligibility is determined by Cedarville's application for admission, but enrollment is open to all new students. Because space is limited, please register early.

What does Foundations involve?

Foundations has several components, all of which are designed to advance your academic progress. This one credit course is offered during fall semester and some components extend throughout your entire first year at Cedarville.

  • Course includes effective learning strategies, note taking, organization, test taking, learning styles, library usage, computer usage, guidelines for writing papers, time management, and balancing life.
  • Priority tutoring is available in certain courses as needed.
  • Your instructor will monitor your academic progress, helping to ensure that you take courses appropriate to your career interests and abilities.

Who will advise me?

You will work with two advisors: a specifically chosen faculty advisor in your major and your Foundations instructor. Your advisors will guide your selection of courses, monitor your academic progress throughout the year, and discuss with you any particular problems you might encounter. In addition, Rebecca Kuhn, coordinator for academic engagement, is available to address questions and concerns and provide insight and direction as you plan for a successful college experience.

How will Foundations affect my schedule?

It won't; your schedule will be similar to that of other new students. Rebecca Kuhn will work closely with your faculty advisor and the Registrar’s Office to determine the best schedule for you.

Will Foundations affect my extracurricular activities?

No. Extracurricular activities can often benefit you academically. You may want to consult with either of your advisors to determine the best activities for you as you balance your academic and social schedules.