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Young's Run Bike Hike - 1

  • Registration Dates: September 1-12
  • Event Date: September 14
  • Event Start Time: 1:00 p.m.
  • Event Description:
    • Approximately a 20 mile bike trip starting in Cedarville (from the Fitness Center)
    • We'll first ride out Bridge Street and turn left on Conley Road.
    • Next a right on Tarbox Cemetery Road,
    • Next a right on Wilberforce Clifton Road,
    • Next a quick left onto Grinel Road,
    • Next, a right onto the Little Miami Scenic bike trial at Cory Street and through Yellow Springs.
    • Next, we'll turn right on W. Jackson Rd. and ride over to 68.
    • Then, we'll ride down a couple hundred yards on 68 to Young's Dairy.
    • After a stop for an ice cream cone we'll make our way back to the bike trail and head back into Yellow Springs.
    • We'll turn left onto Grinnel Road - left on Wilberforce/Clifton - Right on Cedarville-Yellow Springs, ride past the "White House", left on Varsity Drive and back on campus.
  • We'll have several groups riding at different speeds so that each person can ride at an appropriate pace for them.
  • Youngs gift certificates for a FREE ice cream cone will be given to all those who pre-register by midnight on Thursday and take part in the ride.
  • For more information, please contact Mark Mathews, Director of Campus Recreation.