An intramural soccer team plays in a field

List of Recreational Activities

For registration information for any of the Recreational Activities listed below, please click on the activity of your choice.

Fall Semester - 2019

ActivitiesGenderRegistration DateProgramDate
Singles 2 Doubles Disc Golf Tournament OpenAugust 18-24Special EventAugust 24
Sand Volleyball LeaguesMen/WomenAugust 18-24
Intramural SportsSeptember 3
Singles Tennis LeaguesMen/WomenAugust 18-24
Intramural SportsSeptember 3
Disc Golf League (Singles)
Men/Women August 18-24 Intramural Sports September 3 
Group Exercise ClassesOpen(Drop-in)FitnessSeptember 3
Soccer Leagues
August 25-31
Intramural Sports September 9
Singles Racquetball LeaguesMen/WomenAugust 25-31Intramural SportsSeptember 9
CR Ultimate Frisbee LeaguesCo-RecAugust 25-31
Intramural SportsSeptember 9
Young's Bike Ride  Open  September 1-12  Outdoor Pursuits September 14 
Flag FootballMenSeptember 1-7Intramural Sports September 16
Powderpuff FootballWomenSeptember 1-7Intramural Sports  September 16 
CR Wallyball Leagues Co-Rec Sept. 1-7   Intramural Sports September 16 
Golf ScrambleOpenSeptember 1-13Outdoor Pursuits
September 20
Bike Ride To Ritter's Open September 15-19 Outdoor Pursuits September 21 
Mixed Doubles Spikeball Co-RecSeptember 15-25Intramural Sports September 28 
Co-Rec Volleyball LeaguesCo-RecSeptember 15-21Intramural SportsSeptember 30
3 Player Basketball LeaguesMen/WomenSeptember 15-21Intramural SportsSeptember 30
Mixed Doubles TennisOpenOctober 6-12Intramural Sports
October 21
Doubles RacquetballMen/WomenOctober 6-12Intramural Sports
October 21
Singles Badminton (Sunday)Men/WomenOctober 6-12Intramural Sports
October 27
Doubles SpikeballMen/WomenOctober 14-24Intramural SportsOctober 26
Pumpkin Run (5K)Men/WomenOctober 14-25FitnessOctober 26
Hiking Trip to Hocking Hills OpenOctober 21-30Outdoor PursuitsNovember 2

Spring Semester - 2020

ActivitiesGenderRegistration DateProgram Date
Group Exercise ClassesOpenN/AFitnessJanuary 13
Basketball (5v5)Men/WomenDecember 1-11Intramural Sports January 13 
Volleyball LeaguesMen/WomenDecember 1-11
Intramural SportsJanuary 13
WallyballMen/WomenDecember 1-11
Intramural SportsJanuary 13
7 Springs Ski TripOpenDecember 1-11Outdoor PursuitsJanuary 24-25
Winter Marksman Disc Golf PuttingOpenDecember 1 - January 9Intramural SportsJanuary 15
Singles Table Tennis (One Day)
Men/Women January 7-16Intramural SportsJanuary 18
Doubles BadmintonOpenJanuary 7-14Intramural Sports January 19
Mixed Doubles Table Tennis Co-Rec January 26-30Intramural Sports February 1 
Dodgeball LeaguesMen/Women
February 16-22Intramural SportsMarch 9
Indoor Soccer Leagues
February 16-22 
Intramural Sports
March 9
Ultimate Frisbee
February 16-22
Intramural SportsMarch 9
Doubles Disc Golf League OpenMarch 15-21Intramural Sports March 30
CR Sand VolleyballCo-RecMarch 15-21Intramural SportsMarch 30
Bike Hike To Young's Open March15-26Outdoor Pursuits March 28
Golf 4-Man Scramble (One Day)OpenApril 6-15Intramural SportsApril 24