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An intramural soccer team plays in a field

Intramural Co-Rec Sand Volleyball

  • Registration Dates: March 14-20
  • Play Begins: March 30
  • Format: The format will most likely be either a single or double elimination, depending on the number of teams signing up.
  • Number of players per team: Minimum - 6, Maximum - 8, During Play - 4 (2 male & 2 female) * Please make sure that your team has at least two subs to be able to work around conflicts.
  • Officials: Officials will not be provided for sand volleyball. Players are responsible to call their own matches.
  • Scheduling: Since this tournament will most likely be played as an elimination format, teams must be available to play most days of the week at 5:10, 6:00, or 6:50 pm. We may be able to work around one day of conflict, but if your team can not play three or four days of the week (M-F), then you probably should not sign up for this tournament. You can choose your teams best days & times, but please understand that you will need to be able to play outside of your two or three preferred times. If you have any absolute conflicts, where you will not be able to field a team, please indicate those conflicts when you register.

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