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An intramural soccer team plays in a field

Beachball Volleyball Tournament - Rules

  1. All games will be played inside our beautiful air conditioned Field House and Gym.
  2. Each member playing for a team must live within that team's brother/sister resident areas.
  3. Winning a game: to win a game, a team must either 1) be the first to score 15 points (rally scoring) or 2) have the greater number of points at the end of the time limit (8 minute games). If the score is tied at the end of the time limit, the two teams will play one more volley. The team winning the point will be declared the winner.
  4. The official at each court will flip a coin to determine the service before every game.
  5. When the main whistle blows to indicate the end of the game, the ball becomes dead immediately and play should stop. The point is not to be played out.
  6. Service will be made from anywhere on the court after the official's whistle and acknowledgment. Service can only be made by a female participant by hitting the ball out of the hands of two teammates holding the ball up in the air. It would be advised to rotate the service around among different females but no official rotation will be enforced. A serve may touch the net and be considered legal as long as the ball makes it over the net.
  7. Basic playing rules include:
    • 3 hits per side (no less, no more). One of the three hits must be made by ONLY female team members.
    • A block does not count as one of the three hits.
    • A player may not hit the ball twice consecutively
    • A player may not contact the ball with the feet.
    • A player may not touch the net nor break the plane of the net during play (even on a follow through after a spike).
  8. It is very important that each team is ready to play at the designated time and court. A team not ready to play at the scheduled game time may forfeit that game.