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The International Student Services office

Life on Campus

Residence Hall Living

Supplies for Your Residence Hall Room

Most international, MK, and TCK students bring their clothes and personal items and then take advantage of our shopping trips during orientation to purchase other necessities at Walmart. You might also want to pre-order some supplies from Dorm-in-a-Box so they are ready for you when you arrive on campus. Information about Dorm-in-a-Box is available under Getting Ready to Arrive.

Outfitting a Residence Hall Room »

For information about each residence hall, room dimensions and layout, and answers to your basic questions about what is provided in each room, see the residence hall webpage.

Residence Halls »

Semester Breaks and Vacations

Students are permitted to remain in the residence hall during all breaks except for the winter break that occurs between fall and spring semesters. The campus shuts down and all students are required to leave campus. Students do not have to move their belongings out of the residence hall, but are not permitted to reside on campus during that break. Additionally, the dining hall shuts down during each break, so those students who choose to stay on campus are responsible for their own meals. There are several restaurants in town as well as two markets that sell food. Most students choose to have a microwave and refrigerator in their residence hall room, which makes it quite easy to prepare a quick meal.

Summer Storage

International Student Services provides summer storage for International, MK, and TCK students. Space is limited; however, we do our best to accommodate those who need storage. For this reason, storage sign-up is limited to those whose families are overseas and who have no extended family within a reasonable distance who could store their belongings for the summer break. Sign-up for storage access is on a first-come, first-served basis for qualifying students.

Meal Plans

Many students will ask “Which meal plan should I choose? How do I know which is best for me?” See the Meal Plan webpage for descriptions of the different plans. Recommendations from our current students might help as well.

Dress Codes

Cedarville University has a basic dress code that students must adhere to while a student on campus. Please check the student handbook for specifics.

The basic requirements are as follows:
  • No shorts, sweatpants, or pajama pants may be worn to classes or chapel.
  • Spandex and leggings should not be worn without something over them, whether shorts or a skirt.
  • Shoes must be worn in all academic buildings, chapel, and dining hall.


Cedarville University has chapel every day, Monday through Friday. Chapel attendance is required. Students who have excessive chapel skips are at risk for dismissal.

Social Life at Cedarville

There are many events and organizations with which to get involved on campus. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started!

MISO: Multicultural International Student Organization

MISO is a student organization that seeks to provide and maintain an international community on campus for International and TCK students. MISO promotes global cultures by planning events and activities to celebrate the many cultures and diversity on campus. Two of their great events are a kickoff Creek Party in August with food, bonfire, slip-n-slide, and yard games and a Chinese New Year party with homemade dumplings!


MuKappa is a fellowship organization serving missionary kids and international students. MuKappa has events throughout the year, including an international dinner and a winter retreat.

SGA: Student Government Association | SCAB: Student Center Activities Board

These two groups connected with the Student Life department are always planning something fun for the students. Check in and see what’s on the schedule!

Stress Relief

Need a break from studying? There are many different events and opportunities on campus that provide a fun distraction and some stress relief.   

Intramural sports: volleyball, soccer, basketball…and the list goes on!

Music: chapel band, orchestra, small ensembles, Jubilate, Inversions. Go to a concert, or become a member!

Drama: Each semester the drama department produces a musical or play. Attend, or even better, try out and get involved!

Off campus opportunities: Young’s Dairy, The Greene, The Mall at Fairfield Commons, John Bryan State Park. Ask other students what they recommend…there is a lot to do in the area!

Church Options

There are many church options available for students in the area, either American-style or international churches. Cedarville encourages students to get off campus and enjoy fellowship and service with local congregations. Ask other students where they attend and find a church home away from home!