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What to Know About Bed Risers

What to Know About Bed Risers

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Dorm LifeMany students choose to raise their bed in the residence hall to create extra storage underneath.

If your student is interested in raising his or her bed, please note that the following residence halls come with height-adjustable beds:

  • Bates Hall 
  • Faith Hall
  • Harriman House
  • Jenkins Hall
  • McChesney Hall
  • McKinney Hall
  • Morton Hall
  • Palmer Hall
  • Parker Hall
  • Printy Hall
  • South House
  • Walker Hall
  • Wood Hall

All other residence halls do NOT have the height-adjustable beds. Please refer to pages 9-10 of the Residence Hall Residence Hall Guidelines if you would like to consider bed risers as an option for your student's room.

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