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Church Matching Grants - Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible for a Church Matching Scholarship?

Church Matching Grant

Any students accepted and enrolled fulltime at Cedarville University who receive a scholarship from their local church. The church matching scholarship application must be received along with the church's scholarship check.

What amount will Cedarville match?

Cedarville University will match the church's scholarship dollar for dollar up to a maximum match of $500 per year.

Can a church contribute more than the amount Cedarville will match?

Yes, churches are encouraged to contribute generously in helping their students. However, the maximum Cedarville University match will be $500 per student per year. There is no minimum or maximum amount that a church can give for their church scholarship.

How do churches fund these types of scholarships?

Churches handle their students' scholarships in a variety of ways. Some fund scholarships from their annual budget; others take a special offering in conjunction with a Cedarville or Christian education emphasis in a church service. For additional information about these options, churches may contact our church and school relations staff at 1-866-CEDARVILLE (233-2784).

Are students eligible for a Church Matching Scholarship every year?

Yes. However, a new church matching scholarship application must be completed and accompany the church's scholarship check each academic year.

Can church members, parents, or relatives designate their gifts for particular students?

No, only the church can select the students as recipients. All church contributions must meet IRS guidelines for charitable deductions. To find out more, refer to IRS publication 526.

Church Matching Grant

What are the deadlines for the application form and the church's scholarship gift?

The church matching grant will be processed when both the church matching scholarship application and the church scholarship check are received. For students enrolling in the fall semester, these should be received by September 1. For spring semester, these should be received by January 15.

How are scholarship dollars applied?

Both the church's scholarship and Cedarville's matching scholarship will be applied as directed on the church matching scholarship application. When the scholarship and church match are processed, the funding is applied directly to the student's account.

The scholarship may be applied entirely to the fall semester, split equally between fall and spring semesters, or applied entirely to the spring semester.

What is the process for obtaining a Church Matching Grant?

The process begins with the church matching scholarship application. The student completes step one of the application, and the church completes step two and sends the application along with the scholarship check to the University.

Where may I obtain an application?

The quickest access is the online application. If desired, students may stop by the financial aid office.

Where should a church send the application and check?

Churches should make their check payable to Cedarville University and mail the check and completed application to:

Church Matching Grant

Cedarville University
Financial Aid Office
251 N. Main St.
Cedarville, OH 45314

Whom do I contact if I have questions?

The financial aid office administers the church matching scholarship program. Call 1-877-233-2784 or send an e-mail with any questions. The church and school relations staff (1-937-766-7607) also provides information and services for churches that participate in the program.