Rushing students walking by the clock outside of the SSC

Military Aid

The Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is the military's largest program for educating and commissioning officers. Cedarville's Army and Air Force ROTC programs are available to Cedarville students in all majors.

Even for those who may not see the military as their long-term career goal, ROTC offers significant benefits. In addition to the financial benefits of college tuition scholarships and stipends for living expenses, ROTC courses and military training provide excellent opportunities to practice and develop leadership skills. ROTC also opens doors to travel around the world.

Close to 100 Cedarville students are currently involved in ROTC, and nearly half of these cadets are on scholarship. The majority of Cedarville's cadets receive the three-year scholarship, while a few arrive each year as recipients of the four-year scholarship.

If God has given you a desire to serve Him as part of the U.S. military, ROTC will open a world of opportunities and can be your gateway to fulfilling God's call on your life.

The U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, and National Guard also have educational aid opportunities.