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Pharmacy Financial Aid

Your time, energy, and financial investment to become a pharmacist is a significant one. We are committed to making your education as affordable as possible and helping you receive any available financial aid.

The pharmacy program is broken into two segments:

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Types of Financial Aid

Financial aid may be available for degree-seeking graduate students. Graduate loans are offered based on successful completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Most types of financial aid awards fall within two categories:

  • Gift aid refers to awards that do not have to be paid back, such as scholarships and grants.
  • Self-help aid refers to awards that require something in return from the student in order to receive funds, such as loans and student employment.

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Paying Student Loans Through Service


Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals may choose to pay back their student loans through service. MedSend, a Christian organization that sends healthcare professionals domestically and all over the world to serve in areas of deep physical and spiritual need, offers grants to pay back student loans. 


How Do You Apply for Financial Aid at Cedarville? Two Easy Steps:

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To determine all need-based financial aid (including grants and loans) use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Billing and Payment

The Cashiers Office is responsible for the billing and payment process of all students. Each student has a student account, which summarizes all charges and payments made for University services. The transactions in this account accumulate over the entire enrollment period at Cedarville University.

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