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Once you have registered for fall semester classes, you’ll have the opportunity to select your roommate and housing assignment online. This online system allows you to:

  • Select a specific room
  • View others living in the residence hall or unit
  • Receive a housing code for roommate request
  • Select housing for both you and your roommate using the code provided by your desired roommate

Continuing students registered for fall semester are granted access to select housing based upon their current classification, which is determined by credit hours completed.

New, transfer, or readmit students are granted access to select housing based upon the date their reservation deposit was received.

For your reference, we’ve compiled a list of questions you may have.

Residence Halls

Want to see where you’ll be living at Cedarville? Visit each residence hall page below to find information on amenities, community, and fun traditions. You can also view floorplans, 360 degree photos, and take a 360 degree video tour of each hall. 

Housing Selection Timeline for Fall 2018

  • April 15: All continuing students can elect to stay in their current room for fall semester
  • April 18-19: Housing access to current seniors registered for fall semester
  • April 20-21: Housing access to current juniors registered for fall semester
  • April 22-26: Housing access to current sophomores registered for fall semester
  • April 27-29: Housing access to current freshman registered for fall semester
  • May 16 – June 15: Housing access to new freshmen, transfer, and readmit students
    • May 16: New students with deposit before 1/1/2018
    • May 22: New students with deposit between 1/1/2018 – 3/15/2018
    • May 29: New students with deposit after 3/16/2018
  • June 15: Access to online housing system closes. Please contact residence life for any room selections or changes after this date

Housing Selection Process

  • New students are encouraged to identify a roommate personally or through the Facebook app, RoomSync.
  • On the date your access begins, you can select your room using the Campus Housing Request System. New students can learn more on the accepted student housing system site.
  • Once you have access for housing selection, you may view available residence hall rooms. If you have not selected a roommate already, please consider a room where there is already one person assigned and become their roommate.
  • To select your roommate, enter his/her housing code and last name. He/she will need to provide this information for you to confirm.
  • You may also provide your code to your desired roommate if he/she has access before you or if a continuing student chooses to room with you.
  • If you choose not to select a roommate, someone else may join you in the room you’ve selected or you will be assigned a roommate.