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Pharmacy Practice Research

Pharmacy practice research consists of clinical and applied sciences. Researchers seek to explore the practice of pharmacy, such as the evaluation of new and existing pharmacy and other health-related services and clinical pharmacy issues. The scope of research in this area ranges from examining the impact of pharmacist discharge counseling on hospital readmission rates to the optimal dosing of neurology medications. At Cedarville's School of Pharmacy, research within this field is focused on the clinical practice of pharmacy as well as pharmacy education.

Pharmacy practice faculty members work with students to train them in clinical research and prepare them for residencies and fellowships or to develop and deliver MTM services. We engage collaboratively and interprofessionally in research with other departments, universities, institutions, and organizations to address Cedarville University School of Pharmacy’s mission to pursue “innovative, ethical solutions to health-related issues in diverse populations through collaborative teaching and research.” Ultimately, understanding optimal clinical services will improve patient quality of care and outcomes.

Clinical Pharmacy

Pharmacists engage in providing healthcare services and clinical expertise throughout the healthcare system, improving healthcare outcomes and costs. Clinical pharmacy service-related research focuses on the impact of services, such as smoking cessation counseling or medication-therapy management (MTM), on health goals, adherence to recommendations, and costs (hospital readmissions). Evidence-based practice (EBP) research involves examining peer-reviewed literature and guidelines or examining and collecting data to determine what treatments are best for a patient, hospital, or healthcare system.