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Social and Administrative Sciences Research

Social and Administrative Science is an applied science. Researchers explore pharmacy and health care from the perspectives of psychology, sociology, economics, epidemiology, statistics, law, management, marketing, and education. The scope of research in this area ranges from examining psychosocial factors related to medication use to the economic viability of health care services. At Cedarville’s School of Pharmacy, research within this field is focused on psycho-socio-cultural factors, epidemiology, and education.

Psycho-Socio-Cultural Factors

Psycho-socio-cultural factors, such as health literacy and health beliefs, can impact patient-provider communication and medication-taking. Psycho-socio-cultural research of our faculty focuses on methods of addressing health literacy and incorporating health beliefs in order to improve health outcomes.


Epidemiology examines the patterns, causes, and effects of health and disease conditions in the overall population as well as in certain populations. Epidemiological research of our faculty focuses on the impact of wellness programs on health outcomes as well as food-related determinants of health and disease.

Educational Research

Educational research focuses on advancing and improving knowledge of education and learning processes as well as developing the tools and methods for learning. Educational research of our faculty focuses on determining teaching methodology and learning strategies that best prepare students to become excellent pharmacists.