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Tuition Costs

Cedarville University's Master of Athletic Training program is designed for full-time completion in just two years.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

Tuition and Variable Expenses for the current year for the Master of Athletic Training (M.A.T.) program is listed below.

The Estimated Cost of Attendance equals Direct Charges + Variable Expenses. These are estimates and may vary. Prior to each term, a student will be able to view their term statement (charges and anticipated financial aid for that specific term). The Estimated Cost of Attendance below is required by federal regulations to determine how much financial aid a student is eligible to receive. This includes:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Textbooks
  • Personal Expenses
  • Transportation Expenses

The following is based on a total of 35 credit hours spread out over three terms. Financial Aid, if awarded, will use a three-term attendance pattern (summer, fall and spring) and aid will be distributed over three terms. M.A.T. students do not need to complete an application for summer aid since students may receive financial aid up to the amount of their calculated Estimated Cost of Attendance.


Direct Charges (billed to student statement)Summer '23Fall '23Spring '24Annual
Total Estimated Direct Charges$6,636$6,636$6,083$19,355
Estimated Variable CostsSummer '23Fall '23Spring '24Annual
Personal Expenses$1,076$1,076$1,076$3,228
Total - Estimated Variable Expenses$8,833$8,833$8,833$26,499
Total - Estimated Annual Cost of Attendance$15,469$15,469$15,469$45,854