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PA Program Cost Information

NOTE: Below is an estimate of what the PA Program costs will be starting Summer 2023.

Tuition and Fees

Cedarville University's 110-hour Master of Medical Science in PA Studies (M.M.Sc.-PA) program is designed for full-time completion in two years.

ItemPre-EnrollmentYear 1Year 2Totals
Seat Deposit$500  $500
Tuition** $44,250$38,250$82,500
Program Fee $1,500$1,500$3,000
Parking Fee $100
Graduation Fee 
Total Estimated Tuition and Fees$86,200

** Based on $750/credit hour. Tuition for Year 2 will be set by the Board of Trustees in January (historically a 1-4% increase) and will be effective the following May.

Estimated Variable Expenses

The total estimated expenses, combined with the direct tuition and fees, is used to determine how much financial aid a student is eligible to receive.

Textbooks and Supplies Allowance$3,894
Living Allowance (room, board, personal expenses)$29,292
Total Estimated Variable Expenses$35,136

Other Estimated Costs and Expenses (not paid to Cedarville)

Estimated Indirect Costs

Medical Clearance$300
Criminal Background Check$120
Drug Screen Panel$70
Health Insurance (estimate - cost varies)$4,200
Total Estimated Indirect Costs$4,690

Estimated Equipment Expenses

Laptop (if needed - costs vary)$1,500
Total Estimated Equipment Expenses$1,500


The PA Program also offers a comprehensive overview of the total estimated cost of becoming a PA medical professional, beyond what is required by law and includes additional fees and expenses not listed on this page.

External Loan Repayment Opportunities

The average PA student graduates with about $100,000 in student debt (inclusive of all schooling debt accumulated prior to PA school). There are a number of external loan-repayment opportunities that can help students eliminate some or all of their school debt:

This program pays back student debt in exchange for a year's service in specific areas across the United States.

Indian Health Service (IHS)
This program assigns PAs and other healthcare professionals to IHS health centers for at least two years.

MedSend offers grants for U.S. residents who are medical professionals and have committed to long-term missions. The MedSend grants cover student loan payments during the time of service. Grants are usually awarded on a four-year basis and may be renewed.

National Health Services Corp
This program is for PAs who serve as primary care providers in underserved communities.

Navy or Air Force Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP)
These programs offer full scholarship, monthly living expenses and reimbursement for related books and equipment in exchange for a period of active duty service.

U.S. Army Program
This is a three-year loan repayment plan for PAs who serve in the Army.